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It is the French Manurhin chambered in .357/.38. What makes this gun unique is the match grade barrel attached. The typical Manurhin MR 73 does not have the extra heft of metal just below the muzzle. The match barrel is solely put on the .32/.38 models. Manurhin did a 5 pistol run for the US market from what I understand.

Manurhin MR88 Stainless .38 Special Double Action Revolver - 3" with Holster History. Manufactured in France (to be a less expensive alternative to the excellent but very costly Manurhin MR73 revolver), the MR88 model originally appeared in 1979 as the F-1 Special Police Revolver for use by various French law enforcement organizations.
The Manurhin MR73 was a six-shot revolver appearing during the Cold War period (1947-1991) and originating from French arms-maker Manurhin in 1973. It was a largely traditional product with special attention given to quality and reliability - which ultimately limited its adoption by various services around the globe (mainly police).

Revolver Manurhin modèle MR 73 SPORT, calibre 357 Magnum. Finition : bronzé. Canon 6". Longueur totale 264 mm. Poids 1050 grs. Détente double action. Hausse réglable.
Anyone familiar with these? I've been looking for one for years, I've heard rumors that certain companies import them, but I've come up dry time and time again, and after hundreds of google searches and gun show trips.

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Manurhin mr73 6

Sales PROHIBITED to MASSACHUSETTS, the MR73 Manurhin is not MA compliant. Also, PENNSYLVANIA residents. All firearms must be shipped to an FFL holder. You must also have a tax number or pay 6% sales tax. I do not store guns for sale in the office if you have a question it may take a day or so to get back with an answer. Products MANURHIN provides state-of-the-art turnkey solutions and technologies: Continuous motion allowing smooth and accurate operations at high rates. Sequential motion combining several operations and permitting quick change over Manhurhin c1972 MR73 Revolvers & Manual 6 pages, about 11" x 8", glossy soft-cover in full color. New color re-print restored and digitally enhanced from a nice original. Printed on high quality 20# 97 bright acid free paper. Fully Illustrated. We are not affiliated with any arms or gun manufacturer. View this discussion about Looking for Manurhin MR73 parts in the Numrich Gun Parts Forum. MANURHIN. Th is legendary MANURHIN line of revolvers, first launched in 1973, are manufactured by the French company ... MR73 Sport 357 Magnum (Double Action) Oct 12, 2018 · SIG SAUER MG-338 Machine Gun, MG-6.8, MCX-SPEAR Next Gen Weapons System - ShotShow2020 - Duration: ... Manurhin MR73 Sport 5 inches ¼ .357 Magnum 25 Meters - Duration: 7:01. We have a selection of speed loaders and trays to give you the edge when reloading. Trusted brands selection. The Safariland Group

Are classic Pythons the best double action revolver ever? No. The Manurhin MR73 is stronger and arguably more accurate. Korths are extremely well built and have very modular modern features for a revolver. But Pythons do represent a very high level of craftsmanship and are fun to shoot. If you desire one, put in the time to the search. Jan 08, 2009 · Incomparables con otros modelos, los MR73 estan reconocidos por los especialistas como revólveres excepcionales. La creación de este revólver ha surgido de la estrecha colaboración entre MANURHIN, los profesionales de la defensa y tiradores deportivos. Bought a Manurhin revolver today, updates! So today I purchased a Manurhin MR 73 revolver 3". I have been looking for a 3" revolver for some time now and came acrossed this beauty while surfing one evening and just had to have it.

MANURHIN MR73 Silhouette 10 pouce calibre 357Magnum. Guidon Pouce Armes Feu Perso 357 Magnum Fusils De Chasse Armes À Feu Armes De Survie. Deschamps Armes.

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